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new planning newsletter out

Written on March 31st, 2010 by Jamesno shouts

For those that like to read the more serious stuff regarding personal finance:  The Advisory Firm Financial Planning newsletter

The April e-newsletter is out.  All about IRA’s part 2.

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shopping with your spouse

Written on March 26th, 2010 by Jamesno shouts

By now anyone reading the blog knows that I like a deal.  I consider it somewhat of a challenge to find what I am looking for at a deep discount.  Hope and I have used this as a sort of game between the spouses.  We each see who can score the best savings.  Sometimes it is using coupons or sometimes simply snapping up a bargain on closeout.

The difference between us of course is she is a shopper.  She will go and browse the stores like many females until she finds something interesting.  I on the other hand am more of the hunter type.  I have to know specifically what I am looking for and then I start the search.  This is why Hope absolutely hates shopping with me.  Case in point is a recent evening out we had some time to kill and were at a local mall.  I mentioned needing a few dress shirts, so we hopped over to Macy’s.  After finding what I needed (on the discount rack of course) we were heading out.  She then mentioned that I needed new jeans……..

Guys I don’t know if you have been to a mall lately, but it isn’t just Levi 501′s anymore.  There must have been 50 brands and 500 different choices.  She had decided that I needed something a little more hip.  I looked around for a few minutes and then felt that shopping anxiety kick in.  Have you ever had that?  I mean just to many choices, it was complete overload for me. 

I don’t know why it can’t be simpler in the guys section of clothing stores.  If they would limit the selection so that you don’t get analysis paralysis, they would increase their sells.  I don’t think it was just me.  I truly believe I saw at least 5 other guys run screaming out of the store gasping for air.  Needless to say I did not buy any new jeans.  That will have to be another day when I am specifically looking for jeans….

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Relationships & Money

Written on March 12th, 2010 by Jamesone shout

The purpose of this blog from the outset was to add a bit of humor to the world of personal finance.  I figured what better way to do that than offer up a real world view of what it is like to be married to a financial planner.  I have no problem poking fun at myself and the posts are sort of a tongue and cheek way of showing that no one is perfect.  The ultimate objective is to hopefully share that all couples approach money differently but that compromises can be made.

Statistically, money issues rank among the highest reasons for friction in a marriage.  As a financial planner I see it every day and in this recession it is getting worse. 

The take away from this blog should always be that spouses will not agree on every financial issue, but we hope that by having a laugh at our expense will enable you to figure out a way to compromise on money issues in your relationship.

now back to the rants!….she wants to take the kids to Disney over spring break, the one time of year I hate to travel.  The crowds, the inflated hotel rates, etc.   Did I mention the crowds?  I really hate crowds……..

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I’ve been a bad bad girl

Written on March 11th, 2010 by Hopeone shout

Thought that might get your attention! No, I haven’t been on a spending spree., but rather I have not been “blogging” as often as I should! I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by my husbands last blog. I got “kudos” for being thrifty, allbeit  I had to “read” about them instead of actually getting a good old pat on the back, but I got them just the same. And I have been pretty thrifty. We are taking a little hiatus from “basement spending”, until we figure out which project to start on next…bathroom or wine cellar. I’m not sure which one is more important…a bathroom for our guest room, or a place where  I can relax in the evening and drink a nice glass of Pinot. I mean, theres a bathroom right at the top of the stairs, and how often do we really have overnight guests anyway?

But seriously, I really did a great job budgeting on our basement. I did buy a chair & ottoman for the guestroom, that my husband got a little crazy about, but both pieces were on sale and it was really the only purchase over $500 for the entire room. We bought the furniture (dresser & side tables, bed frame & mattresses) on Craigslist. We made the headboard, and I had bedding and pillows made for next to nothing!  We still have a few things left, like a ceiling fan and a rod for the closet, but other than that I think our total amount spent for the guestroom was around $1800.00 including paint!  Pat, pat, pat!

Thank you!

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it’s rubbing off

Written on March 2nd, 2010 by Jamesno shouts

Since the holiday’s I really haven’t had a lot to rant about, especially with the wife’s spending.  She did slip in that chair she bought online back in January that I caught on the Amex bill, but she swore that was the last purchase for the basement project for awhile. 

Actually I have to give her kudos over the past few months.  I think I am rubbing off on her.  She takes her coupons with her to the grocery, makes sure we have our free kids meal coupon before dining at the neighborhood restaurant and today she is getting a load of old kid’s clothes and toys ready for the consignment sale.  If this keeps up I may have to change the image on the blog! 

On a completely unrelated note:  For those interested,  the March e-newsletter discussing IRA’s has been sent this week.  It can be found at

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