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Written on July 19th, 2010 by James2 shouts

The wife’s busy with the kids this summer and doesn’t have much time to chime in to these discussions.  Hopefully we will get back to it in a few months when they return to school.

Updates on previous blogs:

We are still busy at work with our basement project.  We have had our share of financial conversations as we approach some of the higher ticket items in finishing this project: furniture, electronics (tv / surround sound), and various items needed to make the room liveable.   The one problem with any home improvement project is that it tends to expand.  Finishing the basement has now turned into possibly repainting the entire main floor, which then turned into buying some new furniture for our living room and moving the older stuff into the basement, etc.  It can expand the budget considerably.  I am the type that I get an idea and a budget in mind and it is very hard for me to divert from that.  The thought of more expenditures causes panic attacks.  Hope on the other hand would prefer just to get it all done even if it is a little higher than what was budgeted.  That is what makes a marriage is finding a happy medium and ways to compromise.  (I call it compromise, but she normally gets her way in the end).

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