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she surprised me again!

Written on December 13th, 2010 by James2 shouts

I would argue that outside your mortgage that food is the number 1 expense for most.  At least that is true in my household and for the cashflow statements I see from my clients.  Trying to save money on grocery or dining out expenses has become a type of challenge at our household.  But like most we get in the habit of cutting coupons and then get out of the habit and resort back to our unthrifty ways.  It’s like exercising, if you get in the habit it is easy but once you skip a few times it is easy to fall back into old routines.

Recently, we had fallen back into the habit of doing the one big grocery run during the week followed by numerous, “I’ll stop by on the way home and pick this up” trips.  It’s just to easy when there is a Publix that we pass numerous times each day.  The problem is that those unplanned trips are costly.  When I stop by after work I certainly don’t have any coupons so it is definitely not a frugal trip.  To combat this we have tried to do weekly menus and get everything in one run .  This works all of about 2 weeks and then we fail to plan for the week and fall back into the multiple stops throughout the week.

This past week the wife surprised my when she sat down with a piece of paper, the Sunday Coupon section and a new website ( to plan her grocery strategy.  I really didn’t think it was much different from what we had done in the past, but when she told me that with a little work she had gotten $250 worth of groceries for $150 – I was impressed.  She actually looked at where the sales were, what she had coupons for and then shopped at both Kroger and Publix to take advantage of each .  It took a little longer but saving $100 makes this Miser very happy.

Now let’s see if we can make this a habit!

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