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Written on May 23rd, 2011 by Jamesno shouts

Back to the serious investing strategies this week:

If interested in learning about sector rotation models have a look.

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Written on May 12th, 2011 by Jamesno shouts

I have been on hiatus for awhile with the blog.  Maybe a form of writers block but the motivation just hasn’t been there to do regular postings.  I thought we would kick off the May post with an update on a few past items:

Spring Break:

So the wife and I both posted about the Spring Break trip.  I of course reluctantly agreed to do a Spring Break trip this past April with the kids.  Normally, we avoid travelling at this time as it seems the prices are increased and half of metro Atlanta heads to the same Florida destination.  My wife is a bit of a trip planning junky, so once I turned her loose with a strict budget I was pleasantly surprised at how many money saving offers she found.  The first was a couple of days at an Orlando hotel for less than 1/2 the normal rate by taking advantage of a little known “girl scout” discount the hotel was offering.  (yes, i do have a daughter in the girl scouts!).  She also found us a fairly good deal on a 3 day Bahama cruise that we did on the back half of spring break.  Of course this wouldn’t be any fun if I did not complain about certain items:   I am learning that the lodging (whether hotel or cruise line) is only 1/2 the expense.  Tack on the $400 for a day at the theme parks, all of the meals, drinks (yes when you are packed on a cruise ship like a sardine all you have to keep your sanity are the cocktails), and miscellaneous souvenir and activity fees and you best just double your estimated vacation cost estimate. 


We are still doing the coupon thing, well the wife does – I simply remove the insert from the Sunday paper.  It definitely helps knock a few dollars off of the bill each week.  As most things go, the preplanning using the coupon websites has dropped off.  We all mean well when starting those but sometimes just taking the time to plan that much in advance is difficult.  I’ll keep posting on our progress.

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