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Summertime musings

Written on August 1st, 2011 by Jamesno shouts

I have been meaning to blog for awhile, but time just keeps getting away.  In no particular order here are a few items I wanted to share:

  1. clothes shopping:  I know most are expecting me to complain about the wife’s shopping expeditions, but I actually have to commend her for being a super shopper recently.  As we do try and make a game out of finding bargains, I have to mention her recent shopping trip to find a dress for her high school reunion.  She of course went up to the outlet mall into a well known store to scout out a dress.  She found one that had been marked down from $350 to $100 and when she got to the register found out it was on clearance for $40!  needless to say, I as impressed. 
  2. Personal finance magazines:  my favorites are Money and Kiplinger which always have great info.  This month Money is running their “best deals on everything” with lot’s of tips on saving money.  Very interesting.
  3. Travel:  we did the family beach vacation and one thing we have been doing for a couple of years is going to to find a beach home to rent.  This year my wife found one that was available for the partial week we wanted to go down, and negotiated a daily rate equal to 1/2 of what was posted.  It never hurts to negotiate with the owner if their property is going to sit vacant.  It’s a win / win.
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