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Written on November 8th, 2013 by Jamesno shouts

It’s open enrollment season for Medicare and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans through Dec 7th.  During this time you can jump back and forth between Original Medicare and an Advantage Plan, switch Advantage Plans, join a Medicare Drug plan.  Confusing isn’t it?  I spent a little time in the insurance world long ago but this area still confuses me enough that I have to really devote some time to grasp all the moving parts.

If you are in the 65+ age bracket some things to consider when shopping your plans:  health status, medications and health providers.  Armed with that info you then need to begin your search for plans where your health providers are “in network” and your needed meds are on the Tier 1 list of approved medications.  Start your search with that focus first and try not to focus on who has the lowest initial premium.  If shopping on premium alone you could then get a nasty surprise when it comes to out of pocket costs.

As for resources, the first would be the website.  It is loaded with all the info you could ever hope to learn on Medicare, for all you analytics.  Another source for an independent review would be a Medicare consultant such as Goodcare:  this organization will walk you through all the variables and counsel you on the best type of plan based on your parameters.

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